Public survey on the change of the number of clearings for the exchange of balancing energy from Replacement Reserves in accordance with Article 19 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing

Closed 7 Jul 2023

Opened 29 May 2023


This survey concerns the presentation of several options for the future RR process implemented in the LIBRA platform. Currently the process is based on 24 gates, but due to the regulation this number of gates must be increased to 48 or 96. It is proposed as a preliminary consultation to gather all public stakeholders’ feedbacks to select the best option. Another public consultation will follow to amend the Implementation Framework thanks to the chosen option. The proposal has been prepared by all TSOs involved in the TERRE project.

Why your views matter

All TSOs investigated how could the number of clearings be increased in the RR process to follow legal requirements. At this time, several options are feasible but not any of them seems to be significatively better than others. So, TSOs decided to gather public stakeholder feedback (constraints and preferences) to be part of the discussions to select the more profitable option.

What happens next

The objective of the public consultation is to collect the stakeholders’ information on their constraints and their preferred option. After the public consultation, all TSOs will assess with RR NRAs what option will be selected. Then another public consultation will be launched to propose an amendment of the RR IF to integrate all changes linked to the implementation of the new number of gates in the RR process.



  • Electricity balancing actors


  • Market Network Codes