ENTSO-E consults the stakeholders on the TYNDP 2016 scenarios development report

Closed 22 Jun 2015

Opened 21 May 2015


Between 21 May to 22 June (inclusive) ENTSO-E runs the public consultation on the TYNDP 2016 scenarios development report. This public consultation is the third step of formal interraction with the stakeholders in order to build the TYNDP 2016 scenarios. 

This report incorporates 5 scenarios which will be further used by ENTSO-E  to assess, accoring to the CBA methodology, all the pan-European significant projects of the TYNDP 2016. These scenarios reflect one best estimate 2020 future as well as a set of four contrasting but possible 2030 future.

Through this consultation ENTSO-E is looking forward to hearing your opinion on the approach, assumptions and draft results presented in the scenarios report.


What Happens Next

Based on your feedback ENTSO-E will update during summer its TYNDP 2016 scenarios.

This process will be followed by the assessment of the TYNDP 2016 projects starting with September 2015.



  • ENTSO-E stakeholders