Shape the next European Cost Benefit Analysis Methodology (CBA 2.0)

Closed 31 May 2016

Opened 25 Apr 2016


The CBA methodology is developed to evaluate the benefits and costs of TYNDP projects( transmission and storage) from a pan-European perspective, providing important input for the selection process of PCIs.  The main objective of this CBA methodology is to provide a common and uniform basis for the assessment of projects with regard to their value for European society. 



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Why your views matter

The previous stakehoders' feeback and the ENTSO-E experince with the current CBA 1.0 (used in the TYNDP 2014 and 2016) has cleary shown the need of improving the European project assessment  methodology. Based on this ENTSO-E has drafted a new Cost Benefit Analysis methodology (CBA 2.0) which is now put forward for consultation until 31 May.
A number of elements were improved compared to the existing CBA. The most relevant changes relate to:

  • security fo supply
  • cost
  • clustering
  • losses
  • storage assessment

What happens next

After the consultation ENTSO-E will analyse all the received comments and update the CBA 2.0 methodology. The report on comments is expected to be published in  the beginning of summer 2016.

The updated CBA methodology will  be delivered afterwards to ACER for the Agency official opinion and further to the EC and MSs for their comments  and final approval.

The CBA methodology becomes final after the publication in the EC Offical Jurnal. This is expected spring 2017.


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