Network Code on Cybersecurity

Closed 10 Dec 2021

Opened 12 Nov 2021


In accordance with Article 59 (9) of Regulation (EU) 2019/943 of 5 June 2019 on the internal market for electricity, the European Commission requested ENTSO-E to submit a proposal for a Network Code on Cybersecurity aspects of cross-border electricity flows, including rules on risk assessments, common minimum requirements, planning, monitoring, reporting and crisis management, and a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of the different actors for each activity. 

In its letter dated 23 July 2021, the European Commission requested ENTSO-E in a strong collaboration with EU DSO Entity to submit the proposal for this Network Code on Cybersecurity (NCCS) by 14 January 2022. 

Why your views matter

The NCCS will affect many stakeholders within the energy sector and will have revolutionary changes when it comes to the cross-border cybersecurity incidents. This is the first Network Code that will affect everyone – small and big businesses, TSOs, DSOs and other relevant parties. We all agree that cybersecure environment is the goal for many of us, but it is yet to be strengthened whether we all can agree on the actions to be taken. 

What happens next

All received inputs will be analysed and taken into consideration for the proposal Network Code on Cybersecurity text revisions.


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