Joint ENTSO-E and ENTSOG consultation: Build Europe’s future scenarios

Closed 12 Jun 2016

Opened 12 May 2016


The TYNDP is a biennial European network development exercise which electricity and gas ENTSOs are developing in line with the legal mandates (Regulations (EC) 714 and 715/2009).

Without a well-functioning market, adapted legislation and the proper infrastructure in place, Europe cannot guarantee the decarbonisation of its economy, the development of its internal energy market and its security of supply. The TYNDPs are thus key to many of Europe’s economic, climate and energy objectives. Having a European approach to network developments ensures consistency and cost-efficiency.


Where do scenarios fit in the network development exercise?

The scenarios represent the first step in any network development exercise. They offer the frame under which the future is analysed in view of identifying the investment needs and benefits of future electricity and gas projects. It covers a view on elements e.g. energy demand, economic growth, prices, technology developments.

The elaboration of the electricity and gas TYNDPs 2018 have begun. Today the gas and electricity TYNDPs scenarios are at their very beginning – defining the assumptions.

Fig 1. High level steps of gas and electricity TYNDPs 2018 including more detailed scenario steps

Why your views matter

We all together build the future. What we assume today will drive the developments of tomorrow. This is the reason why when planning the electricity and grid development we are looking into what the future may look like.

The electricity and gas are independent systems but they are inter-dependent of each other. Therefore today the ENTSOs, are asking you both as electricity and gas stakeholders to give us your vision of the future.


What happens next

Based on your feedback ENTSO-E and ENTSOG will update and develop the scenarios assumptions for the electricity and gas TYNDPs 2018. 

To further support the stakeholders’ input contribution and directly gather initial feedback the ENTSOs will jointly organize on 2 June 2016, Brussels, a public workshop.



  • Public Workshop: Let’s develop together the future scenarios

    From 2 Jun 2016 at 10:00 to 2 Jun 2016 at 16:30

    This year ENTSO for gas and electricity are preparing the ground for the future TYNDPs. Now is the point in time where the blank page of the future is written and we kindly invite you to write it with us.

    This workshop is very interactive. The discussions will be hold in small groups with a diverse participation from gas and electricity stakeholders. We will tackle each assumption of the scenarios and we’ll get a first glimpse of the congruency in the future we envisage.
    To access the event page please go at:


  • ENTSO-E and ENTSOG stakeholders