Have your say to the TYNDP 2016 candidate projects

Closed 10 Sep 2015

Opened 24 Jun 2015

Results updated 30 Nov 2015

During the public consultation ENTSO-E received comments from 16 stakeholders.

All the comments and the ENTSO-E associated answers can be accessed below.

ENTSO-E thanks all the stakeholders for their valuable input.



The transmission and storage project promoters (ENTSO-E and non-ENTSO-E members) have submitted during April 2015 a number of candidate projects for inclusion in the TYNDP 2016. The submission process followed the EC guidelines for inclusion of projects in the TYNDP.

Before starting the Cost Benefit Assessment of the TYNDP 2016 projects ENTSO-E invites all the interested stakeholders to express their views on the TYNDP 2016 candidate projects and the related reference capacities that form the basis for the project assessment. 

Why your views matter

The CBA-based assessement of all TYNDP projects is a very time and resource intensive exercise conducted by ENTSO-E's members. This exercise commences shortly after summer 2015, with preparatory work already underway. In application of the CBA principles, reference assumptions (reference capacities, base case datasets) depend on which projects are, or are not, accounted for (A short explanation is also given below). It is for this reason that a TYDNP project list is consolidated more than a year ahead of the publication date of the final TYNDP report and is consulted to get stakeholders buy-in.

In Q2/2015, ENTSO-E also conducted a public consultation on the storyline, data assumptions, methodologies and quantifications (installed capacities and country balances) of various 2020 and 2030 scenarios. ENTSO-E needs views from the wider industry early in the process to ensure the assessment work starts based on data and a project list which is supported and understood. Based on feedback from all interested stakeholders, the project list and reference capacities will be finalized in September 2015.

What happens next

After the end of the consultation ENTSO-E will finalse the list of TYNDP 2016 projects and will proceed to their assessment based on the EC approved Csot Benefit Analysis methodology and the defined TYNDP 2016 scenarios.

In addition ENTSO-E will update and further publish on its website the final six Regional Investment Plans. ENTSO-E will also consider the suggestions give to us to improving the TYNDP 2016 main report which will be published and consulted mid 2016.


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