Consultation on version 2 of ENTSO-E Conformity Assessment Scheme for CGMES

Closed 15 Jan 2016

Opened 17 Dec 2015


In 2015, ENTSO-E started the update of the conformity assessment scheme of the Common Grid model Exchange Standard (CGMES). This update was necessary in view of the CGMES being used in the implementation of the European network codes and guidelines on capacity allocation and congestion management and system operation.

The update includes additional tests and procedures before software applications can be validated as being conform for use by ENTSO-E or a transmission system operator (TSO).

Why your views matter

Between 17 December and 15 January ENTSO-E consults upon this proposed update. The results of the consultation will be used to finalise the the conformity assessment scheme of the Common Grid model Exchange Standard (CGMES) version 2.0.0 before its publication in in February 2016.

The aim of the public consultation is to collect feedback from suppliers and TSOs on the following aspects:

  • Conformity categories – is the document providing you with enough information to understand the new setup;
  • Function category matrix – if the matrix can be well understood as presented considering the additional information provided in the conformity categories document;
  • Operational procedure – if the document describes correctly all the processes and if it meets your expectations of such document;
  • Test definitions report template – if all use cases that you support are included in the test definitions; if the procedures that are described can be applied; if the way to report results is clear; if you see any inconsistencies;
  • Templates – if the documents are consistent. Please note that templates for Declaration of conformity and Attestation of conformity will be further updated based on the legal review as indicated in these documents:
    • Declaration new application version
    • Comment and request for change template
    • Registration template
    • Outcome review session template
    • Declaration of conformity template
    • Attestation of conformity template

Please, take note that ENTSO-E is currently updating the test configurations which will be used in the next version of the conformity assessment scheme. In addition ENTSO-E intends to finalise the mapping between the test configurations and test use cases as well as to introduce a few missing use cases related to European merging function.

Reassessment of CGMES basic level conformity is not foreseen due to the release of the new version of the conformity scheme in case an Application already received an Attestation of Conformity. The new version of the conformity scheme is backwards compatible in that respect.

Your feedback and comments on the documents included in the ZIP file should be provided in the template provided below and sent to


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders


  • General