All RR TSOs’ consultation on 2nd RRIF amendment

Closed 4 Mar 2022

Opened 4 Feb 2022


The TSOs performing the reserve replacement process ('RR TSOs') are launching a public consultation from 4th February to 4th March 2022 on their proposed amendment of the implementation framework for a European platform for the exchange of balancing energy from replacement reserves ('RRIF’).

The consultation includes the RR TSOs' proposal for an amended RRIF  and the Explanatory document providing the rationale to the proposed changes.

Why your views matter

The RR TSOs seek stakeholders' views on the proposed amendments:

  • Article 3.1(b), 3.1(c) & 11.3: Removal of references to Interconnection Controllability pricing and settlement
    • Removal sentence in Article 3.1(b) The RR TSOs submitting a desired flow range will cover the costs of enforcing such a flow. In accordance with the approved methodologies pursuant to Article 30(1) and Article 50(1) of the EBGL, these principles will be applied until July 1st, 2022.”
    • Removal sentence in Article 3.1(c) The desired flow range should not distort the RR marginal prices.”
    • Removal sentence in Article 11.3 “In accordance with the approved methodology pursuant to Article 30(1) of the EBGL, from 1 July 2022, the process for settlement of all activated bids will be aligned with the process set out in that methodology.”
  • Article 4.2(d): Precision on duration of public consultation for RRIF amendments
    • Additional sentence In case future evolutions require an amendment of the RRIF, the public consultation will have a duration of 4 weeks.”
  • Article 7: Removal of reference to the interim period prior to the change of the GCT from H-60 to H-55
    • Removal sentence For an interim period of no more than twelve months after the entry into operation of the RR-Platform, the GCT for Bids will be 60 minutes before the period which is concerned by the activation of the RR standard product to satisfy the TSO balancing energy need.”
  • Article 11.4: Adaptation of the paragraph to reflect that price limits will be in accordance with the Pricing Methodology
    • Replacement sentence The TSOs suggest to not apply caps and floors to the Bids submitted to RR-Platform. Only technical price limit will be applied (IT limits).” with “RR TSOs will apply caps and floors defined in the approved methodology pursuant to Article 30(1) of the EBGL.”
  • Article 12.4: Removal of obligation for observers to pay PMO costs
    • Removal sentence Observers in the Implementation project and/or RR-Platform will participate only to the PMO costs.”
  • Article 13.5: Adaptation of the paragraph to reflect that counter activations are allowed by the AOF in the RR-Platform and that their impact is monitored by RR TSOs.
    • Replacement of the paragraph For the go-live of the RR-Platform the AOF will allow the counter activations. No later than twenty-four months after the go-live of the RR-platform, the AOF will minimise the counter activations which at least may not serve the balancing purpose. All the RR TSOs may request an amendment from this requirement to all RR NRAs as allowed by Article 6(3) of the EBGL. This request shall be duly justified and supported by an analysis performed by the RR TSOs.”, with The AOF of the RR-Platform will allow the counter activations. RR TSOs shall monitor, evaluate and report the impact of counter-activations on balancing energy prices and on the efficient functioning of the RR Platform. In the event that inefficiencies are identified in the monitoring process, either RR TSOs or RR NRAs may request an amendment to this provision as allowed by Article 6(3) of the EBGL."


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders
  • Electricity balancing actors


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