NBM Roadmap consultation

Closed 19 Aug 2019

Opened 29 May 2019


This consultation concerns the Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska kraftnät proposal on Roadmap for implementing the Nordic Balancing Model, including 15 minutes time resolution.

The Roadmap report and a letter including questions to stakeholders can be found under the section "Related" below.   

Why your views matter

Implementing Nordic Balancing Model and the transition to 15 minutes time resolution, implies significant changes for all parties. A successful and robust implementation depends upon thorough preparations from all parties, and close cooperation and mutual involvement between the TSOs and affected stakeholders.

To get input from stakeholders and market participants on the updated Roadmap for implementing the Nordic Balancing Model, ENTSO-E holds this open online consultation on behalf of the Nordic TSOs. The purpose of the consultation is to make sure that stakeholders views and needs, with regards to their own implementation, is taken into consideration as they are affected by the implementation of NBM and transition to 15 minutes time resolution.

The current roadmap presents mainly TSOs' view on the timeline. It is based on today’s knowledge and high-level design and aims to be both realistic and ambitious. The Nordic TSOs strongly value stakeholder contributions and feedback.

What happens next

Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska kraftnät will consider the views of stakeholders resulting from the consultation. The roadmap for 1st generation NBM will be finalized after the public consultation is completed, following a TSO review period.

In order to facilitate the consultation process, the TSOs plan to arrange national stakeholder activities, such as national reference group meetings. Dates and locations will be published on the respective TSO web page. If you have any questions during the consultation period please contact your national TSO representative (except for in July).


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