Estonia-Latvia Bidding Zone Border Specific Annex for the Baltic CCR to the All TSOs' Proposal for Harmonised Allocation Rules for Long-term Transmission Rights

Closed 6 Apr 2018

Opened 2 Mar 2018


This consultation concern updated specific requirements applicable to the Baltic CCR at the Estonia-Latvia Bidding Zone border level pursuant to Article 52(3) of the FCA Regulation.

Why we are consulting

We are seeking input from stakeholders and market participants on this important feature of the Baltic CCR at the Estonia-Latvia Bidding Zone border level. TSOs of the Estonia – Latvia Bidding zone Border AS Elering and  AS “Augstsprieguma tikls" are initiating this open online consultation for a period of not less than one month. The proposal is subject to consultation in accordance with Article 6 of the Commission Regulation (EU) FCA Regulation.

What happens next

This EE-LV Border Specific Annex will be submitted for the approval to all national regulatory authorities of the Baltic CCR.  


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders


  • Market Network Codes