Proposal for FCR cooperation market design

Closed 15 Feb 2018

Opened 15 Jan 2018


This stakeholder consultation concerns the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) cooperation draft proposal for the market design and is performed in accordance with article 10 of the guideline on electricity balancing (GLEB). Article 33 of GLEB provides that TSOs exchanging balancing capacity shall develop a proposal for the establishment of common and harmonised rules and processes for the exchange and procurement of balancing capacity.

This stakeholder consultation also includes a consultation on the draft proposal for not allowing balancing service providers to cross border transfer their obligations to provide balancing capacity as described in GLEB Article 34 (1). In countries where national transfer is already allowed today this will remain in place.

Both draft proposals are published on the FCR Cooperation’s website.


Why your views matter

We are seeking input from stakeholders and market participants on this important feature of the (future) European electricity market. TSOs of the FCR cooperation (50Hertz, APG, ELIA, Energinet, AMPRION, TransnetBW, Swissgrid, TenneT NL, TenneT DE, RTE) are initiating this consultation for a period of one month. The FCR market design proposal amended with stakeholder input will then be submitted to NRAs according to Article 10 GLEB for approval.

The proposed market design for the FCR cooperation can be found in the document at the bottom of this page under "related".

The proposal for the exemption from article 34(1) of GLEB can be found in the document in the bottom of this page under "related".

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