Harmonised Allocation Rules for Forward Capacity Allocation

Closed 18 May 2016

Opened 18 Apr 2016


ENTSO-E has issued a draft of the Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR) for public consultation. The HAR will apply for forward capacity allocation, subject to relevant approval from national regulators, and for allocated long term transmission rights with delivery date on 1st of January 2017 or later.

The current version of the Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR) is a result of the early implementation activities of the draft Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA) Regulation, which was voted by the EU member States on 30 October 2015.

The FCA Regulation aims at promoting the development of liquid and competitive forward markets in a coordinated way across Europe, and at providing market participants with the ability to hedge their risk associated with cross-border electricity trading. The HAR will belong to the major milestones in delivering this objective thus one of the early implementation tasks.

Regional and border specific rules have been drafted by the relevant TSOs. Most of these annexes are attached to this public consultation whereas two annexes will be consulted upon separately at a later stage (BritNed and IFA Interconnectors related annexes).

Both the main body of the HAR and the annexes will also be presented in a public workshop in Brussels for which you can find further information on this webpage.

Why We Are Consulting

ENTSO-E strongly values stakeholder contributions and feedback. To facilitate this exchange, ENTSO-E holds open, transparent on-line consultations at the early stages of the drafting process on major ENTSO-E work products that impact pan-European energy transmission.

This pubic consultation is a key element of the stakeholder engagement strategy for the HAR project, along with the public workshop that ENTSO-E will organize in May. Active stakeholder engagement is a prerequisite to further improve and develop the HAR.

Please note that some of the documents have been updated on 19 April due to some formating issues (cross-references not being displayed properly). 

What Happens Next

As part of the consultation on the Harmonised Allocation Rules, ENTSO-E invites stakeholders to register for a stakeholder webinar. All parties that will be impacted by the HAR will have the opportunity to express their views, ask questions and request clarifications.

To participate in this webinar please register no later than 29 April 2016 by using the form accessible on this page.



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