ENTSOs consult the stakeholders on the TYNDP 2018 Scenario Report

Closed 10 Nov 2017

Opened 2 Oct 2017

Results updated 28 Mar 2018

The ENTSOs would like to thanks all stakeholders who participated in the Scenario Report 2018 consultation. Your feedback is invaluable to us and will help us to improve our scenario framework in the following scenario building processes. We endevour to continue to increase transparency and consult with new and current stakeholders throughout the scenario building process.

We have taken as many repsonses in consideration in the final Scenario Report 2018, the comments which were not taken into account in this process will be taken into account in the next process.





Between 2nd October 2017 and 10th November 2017 (inclusive) the ENTSOs for Electricity and Gas run the public consultation on their TYNDP 2018 Scenario Report. This public consultation is part of the overall formal interaction with stakeholders in order to build the scenarios.

Through this consultation the ENTSOs are looking forward to hearing your opinion on the approach, assumptions and draft results presented in the Scenario Report.

Click here to view the Scenario Report

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