2020 Scenario Storylines

Closed 14 Sep 2018

Opened 2 Jul 2018


The ENTSOs present the proposed 2020 Scenario Storylines for public consultation. In this consultation stakeholders are given the chance to comment on the ENTSOs storyline assumptions and vote on the storylines using the ranking system.

All stakeholder inputs are valuable to the ENTSOs and are important for our development process.

Why your views matter

We all together build the future. What we assume today will drive the developments of tomorrow. This is the reason why when planning the electricity and grid development we are looking into what the future may look like.

The electricity and gas are independent systems but they are inter-dependent of each other. Therefore today the ENTSOs, are asking you both as electricity and gas stakeholders to give us your vision of the future.


  • Anyone from any background


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  • Connection Network Codes
  • Capacity Balancing
  • General
  • Market Network Codes
  • System Operations Code
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  • Inter-TSO collaboration
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