Nordic TSO's proposal on FCR dimensioning

Closed 6 Jun 2022

Opened 6 May 2022


This consultation concerns the Amended Nordic synchronous area methodology for the dimensioning rules for FCR in accordance with Article 153 of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1485 of 2 August 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation (SO Regulation).

The common proposal of the Nordic TSOs can be found below under the section Related Documents. A related common proposal of the Nordic TSOs has been developed to implement updates to the additional properties of FCR. That proposal is being consulted in parallel to this proposal on dimensioning of FCR.

The separate proposal on additional properties of FCR necessitates corresponding updates to the dimensioning of FCR, which has been implemented in this proposal now under consultation. The contents of both proposals have been presented and discussed at a stakeholder event on the 28th of March.

Why your views matter

The proposal is subject to public consultation according to article 11 of the SO Regulation.

What happens next

The TSOs of the Nordic synchronous area shall duly take into account the views of stakeholders resulting from the consultation and use them to prepare the final version of the document that will be submitted to the Nordic NRAs.

In all cases, a sound justification for including or not including the views resulting from the consultation shall be provided together with the submission of the proposal and published in a timely manner before, or simultaneously with the publication of the amended methodology for dimensioning of FCR.


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders
  • Electricity balancing actors


  • Market Network Codes
  • System Operations Code