Nordic TSOs' methodology for ramping restrictions for active power output (amended)

Closed 1 Mar 2023

Opened 1 Feb 2023


This consultation concerns the amended methodology of all Nordic TSOs for ramping restrictions for active power output in accordance with Article 137(3) and (4) of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1485 of 2 August 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation (SO Regulation).

The main trigger for this amendment is the change from a Market Time Units (MTU) of 60 minutes to a MTU of 15 minutes in both the intraday market and day-ahead market. The ramping restrictions on HVDC interconnectors have been amended accordingly. Furthermore, the existing ramping rules for power generating modules in Finland, Norway and Sweden will become obsolete.

The TSOs further introduce an annual review and revision cycle that shall take care of continuously updating the ramping restrictions.

The common proposal of the Nordic TSOs can be found below under the Related Documents.

Why your views matter

The proposal is subject to public consultation according to article 11 of SO Regulation.

What happens next

The TSOs of the Nordic LFC block shall duly take into account the views of stakeholders resulting from the consultation and use them to prepare the final version of the document that will be submitted to the Nordic NRAs.

In all cases, a sound justification for including or not the views resulting from the consultation shall be provided together with the submission of the methodology and published in a timely manner before, or simultaneously with the publication of the amended methodology on ramping restrictions.


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders
  • Electricity balancing actors


  • Market Network Codes
  • System Operations Code