Public consultation on TYNDP 2024 scope of studies and stakeholder engagement plan

Closed 8 Jun 2023

Opened 8 May 2023


Scope of this public consultation

This public consultation covers the following studies that are part of the TYNDP 2024: the identification of system needs, and the cost-benefit analysis of projects. It also covers the stakeholder engagement plan for each study.

Not in the scope of this consultation are scenarios, which follow a separate consultation process organised jointly with ENTSOG, with two public consultations planned in 2023. Also excluded from the scope of this consultation is the CBA Guideline (CBA 4) which is not part of the TYNDP 2024 package and on which a public consultation already took place from December 2022 to February 2023. Finally, the newest component of the TYNDP, the Offshore Network Development Plans per sea basin, is not in the scope of this consultation either because the legal deadline for their release set by the TEN-E Regulation – 24 January 2024 – falls in the middle of the TYNDP 2024 cycle and therefore makes it necessary to separate their development and consultation process from that of other TYNDP 2024 deliverables.

Document for consultation:

Overview of TYNDP 2024 scope of studies and stakeholder engagement plan

What happens next

After the consultation closes ENTSO-E will review the comments received and re-evaluate the planned scope of studies and engagement plan when relevant. Stakeholders’ answers to this public consultation, and ENTSO-E’s answers to stakeholders, will be made public.


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders