TYNDP 2024 CBA Implementation Guidelines

Closed 16 Oct 2023

Opened 11 Sep 2023


The TYNDP-specific Cost Benefits Analysis (CBA) Implementation Guidelines are an accompanying document of the 4th ENTSO-E CBA Guideline, which aims to provide more guidance and information on data, methodology, tools, and illustrative examples to be used for the assessment of network development projects. For each new edition of the TYNDP, a new edition of the Implementation Guidelines has to be developed to specify how the CBA guideline is to be implemented.

Following the feedback received for the previous edition (TYNDP 2022 CBA Implementation Guidelines) and in response to the updates made from the 3rd to the 4th CBA Guideline as a result of the revision of the TEN-E Regulation (EU) 2022/869, the Implementation Guidelines have been updated as much as possible.

Main changes include:

  1. The inclusion of a new Security of Supply loop for the calibration of the scenarios.
  2. Generalizing the Social Economic Welfare (SEW) through the formulation of a global SEW, including a detailed example.
  3. The inclusion of a methodology for assessing commissioning years.
  4. The inclusion of a methodology for assessing the B8.1 indicator.
  5. The inclusion of methodologies for assessing the European Union targets was introduced in the 4th CBA Guideline.

The current version of the TYNDP 2024 CBA Implementation Guidelines can be found here. The consultation will close on October 16, 2023. Before this closing date, an online workshop will be organized on October 4, 2023. Based on the comments received from the survey of this public consultation and from the public workshop, the Implementation Guidelines will be reviewed for a final version to be published later in 2023.

Along with the possibility to comment on the full document of the Implementation Guidelines, ENTSO-E has prepared questions dedicated to some specific topics to receive concrete feedback on topics to be seen as being of major interest.

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This workshop is part of our stakeholder consultations this autumn, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the guidelines and directly influence their evolution. Register for our workshop here.

Contact: Franck Dia Wagoum (Long-term Planning Analyst)



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