Give your feedback on TYNDP 2022

Closed 16 Sep 2022

Opened 29 Jul 2022


ENTSO-E’s 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) is the pan-European electricity infrastructure development plan. It looks at the future power system in its entirety and at how power links and storage can be used to make the energy transition happen in a cost-effective and secure way.

The TYNDP 2022 has been developed with the expertise of 39 European TSOs.

With this consultation, ENTSO-E asks for feedback on:

- the TYNDP 2022 high-level report

- the Project sheets, showing how 164 electricity transmission and storage projects can contribute to the European energy transition;

- the power system needs study, investigating where new solutions for electricity exchange are needed to reach decarbonisation targets and keep security and costs under control in the 2030 and 2040 horizons. We present needs at pan-European, regional and country levels:

TYNDP 2022 CBA Implementation Guidelines

- the Stakeholders Engagement Report.


Why your views matter

  • The future is developed by all of us and there does not exist one clearly-defined path to reach it - developing suitable grid solutions that stand all possibilites is key;
  • Planning and building the transmission infrastructure requires all of us - public acceptance impeds 25% of pan-European projects to realise on time;
  • Present the information in a format and at a level that can be used not only by the experts but by all of us.


The TYNDP reports and project sheets presented are drafts for consultation. They will only be considered final after the comments received are assessed, and ACER has provided a formal opinion. All information, including on any individual project, must be considered preliminary and is subject to change in the final version.



  • ENTSO-E stakeholders