Methodology for an energy system-wide cost-benefit analysis (TYNDP CBA Guidelines 4.0)

Closed 15 Feb 2023

Opened 15 Dec 2022


For consultation until 15 February 2023: revised CBA methodology for assessing electricity grid infrastructure projects

The 4th CBA Guideline aims at providing guidance on how to perform an energy system-wide cost-benefit analysis. The Guideline describes ENTSO-E’s criteria for performing cost benefit analysis along with the common principles and methodologies to be used in the necessary network studies, market analyses, and interlinked modelling methodologies.

Following the revised TEN-E Regulation (EU) 2022/869, including the requirements for the content of the methodology for the system-wide CBA, ENTSO-E’s 3rd CBA Guideline* has been updated to a fourth version to comply with the new requirements.

                                Read the CBA 4.0 Guideline here

*The 3rd CBA Guideline was resubmitted to the European Commission on 27 October 2022 and is awaiting approval. However, requirements set in the TEN-E Regulation make it necessary to already consult the 4th CBA Guideline, adjust it and submit it to the European Commission by 24 April 2023.

Why your views matter

This consultation is open to all interested stakeholders from 15 December 2022 until 15 February 2023.

ENTSO-E welcomes stakeholders’ feedback on the 4th ENTSO-E Guideline for the Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects. The Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology serves to evaluate the benefits and costs of electricity transmission projects from a pan-European perspective, in the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP). The main objective of the CBA methodology is to provide a common and uniform basis for the assessment of projects with regard to their value for European society. It provides important input for the selection of European Projects of Common Interest.


  • Public workshop on the CBA 4.0 Guideline 17 January 2023

    From 17 Jan 2023 at 13:30 to 17 Jan 2023 at 17:00

    ENTSO-E invites stakeholders to participate in the public workshop on the 4th ENTSO-E Guideline for the Cost Benefit Analysis of Network Development Projects, which will be held in Brussels on 17 January 2023. Register to the workshop before 6 January 2023 here:


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