ERAA 2024 Call-for-Evidence on Preliminary Input Data

Closed 28 Mar 2024

Opened 7 Mar 2024


Resource adequacy has become increasingly important due to the evolving energy landscape to support the clean energy transition. This requires a large scale integration of renewable energy sources (RES) capacity, increased electrification of demand, and continuous integration of energy markets. The European Resource Adequacy Assessment (ERAA) plays a central role in the European energy policy context, guiding decision makers in their policy choices to provide secure, affordable, and sustainable energy to citizens and industries.


Why your views matter

Your feedback

Throughout the ERAA process, ENTSO-E remains dedicated to fostering collaboration and engagement with stakeholders. ENTSO-E is therefore launching the call-for-evidence on the ERAA 2024 preliminary input data. The purpose of the consultation is to gather evidence-based feedback from stakeholders and industry experts on the ERAA 2024 scenarios. The consultation covers the following preliminary input data:

  • Generation,
  • Demand Side Response, and battery capacities;
  • Hydro and battery storage capacities;
  • Net Transfer Capacities (NTCs);
  • Demand;
  • System balancing resource requirements;
  • Climate and weather data;
  • Commodity and CO2 prices;
  • List of Critical Network Elements with Contingencies (CNECs).



Please note that part of the preliminary input data for the consultation has been updated on 21 March 2024. For a more detailed overview of the changes please consult the data change log below.

What happens next

Your feedback will support us in designing and improving the European Resource Adequacy studies. ENTSO-E would like to thank you for investing your time and effort in helping us to improve future editions of the ERAA.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Adequacy reports
  • Scenarios