ERAA 2023 Call-for-Evidence on Preliminary Input Data

Closed 5 Apr 2023

Opened 14 Mar 2023


With the integration of Europe’s electricity markets, large-scale renewable capacity integration and shifting demand patterns on the path to European climate neutrality goals, resource adequacy will be in the spotlight for coming decades. ENTSO-E and its TSO members are continuously striving to enhance each ERAA edition with the feedback received by stakeholders, to ensure a swift and efficient implementation. The stepwise approach endorsed by ACER on 2 October 2020 is the basis for the evolution and implementation of ERAA.  In line with the methodology and the agreed implementation approach, ENTSO-E plans for a full implementation by ERAA 2024[1].

Policy developments

EU’s Fit for 55 Package lead's to changes in Europe’s climate and energy objectives for 2030 that will need to be translated to national assumptions in each National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). The ERAA builds on bottom-up data collection by TSOs that reflects latest NECPs and most recent national ambitions and projections. It also builds on input data from the wider stakeholder community, striving to reflect the latest/ best-available national and European-wide data reflecting the energy transition in Europe.  


Why your views matter

Your feedback

ENTSO-E and its TSO members are continuously striving to improve each ERAA edition by taking into account the feedback received by stakeholders.  

ENTSO-E welcomes timely and factual comments from all stakeholders so that this feedback can be efficiently integrated into the modelling and simulation processes for the upcoming ERAA 2023 edition, in view of delivering the final product in a timely manner.

We invite you to respond to this call on assumptions and data by providing evidence-based comments (i.e. mentioning the source of assumptions/information). Member States are especially invited to share feedback and liaise with their concerned TSO(s), who delivered the national inputs.


What happens next

Your feedback will support us in designing and improving the European Resource Adequacy studies. ENTSO-E would like to thank you for investing your time and effort in helping us to improve future editions of the ERAA. 


  • Anyone from any background


  • Adequacy reports
  • Scenarios