ENTSO-E survey on priority issues for Connection Network Codes implementation guidance

Closed 22 Jan 2016

Opened 15 Dec 2015


For all three Connection Network Codes ( RfG, DCC and HVDC) ENTSO-E shall deliver no later than 6 month after the entry into force non-bidding written guidance to its members and other system operators on the requirements that need national decision.


In order to make the implementation guidance fit for purpose ENTSO-E would like to gather at an early stage all the relevant stakeholders' feedback on the priority issues. 


The current survey includes a list of issues already identified by ENTSO-E which we kindly ask you to rank based on your own experience. If some other topics are very relevant to you in the context of the connection codes implementation you are kindly invited to add them in the last part of the survey.


The final objective of this survey is to identify and rank the most relevant topics which are to be addressed first by ENTSO-E.


What happens next

This action will be followed by a workshop on implementation guidances scheduled 29 February 2016 in Brussels( more information on the event  will be made available on the ENTSO-E website in due time). 

This event will focus on further elaborating the content for the identified priority issues, which are to be subject to the first set of implementation guidance.


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