Digital Technologies Prioritization

Closed 20 Mar 2019

Opened 8 Mar 2019

Results expected 21 Mar 2019


This consultation is addressed to the RDIC- WG5 members.

The objective is to get your input on which are, to your knowledge, the digital technologies (List of technologies) with greater application in the 2030 in the following domains (coincident with the layers of the digital grid):  

- Physical layer (System development and asset management)

- Data Management

- System operation

- Market layer

- Sector coupling

Why We Are Consulting

This is the first step to prioritize the digital technologies. 

The results will help the WG to decide which will be the technologies candidates to develop the FACTSHEETS on.


What Happens Next

The agreed prioritization of technologies will be shown to the RDIC members for information.


  • TSOs


  • Inter-TSO collaboration