Stakeholder consultation on the "Deterministic Frequency Deviations" report

Closes 3 Feb 2020

Opened 3 Dec 2019


ENTSO-E has recently finalized a draft report on “Deterministic Frequency Deviation” (DFD) which is now submitted for feedback for a period of two months and until 3 February 2020 (23:59). A set of selected questions is provided to guide your effective feedback, giving you the opportunity for an overall opinion as well.

The report follows up on the recommendations and actions of the relevant technical report (published here) that investigated the events during 9 and 11 January 2019 and identified the Causal Factors and mitigating actions to prevent a re-occurrence of this type of event.

This report elaborates on the general approach for mitigating and alleviating the DFDs in Continental Europe (CE) and proposes to set common DFD targets for the Synchronous Area of CE. The solutions for mitigating the DFDs can be different from TSO to TSO, depending on the technical and market preconditions, but the final objective is to commonly reduce the individual contribution of the LFC Blocks to an acceptable level of DFDs.

The report can be found here

A preview of all the questions in this consultation can be accessed here

Why We Are Consulting

ENTSO-E welcomes inputs from all relevant stakeholders on the report and the proposals that includes. 

The objective is to receive and assess usefull feedback with a view to improving the recommendations of the report. 

The consultation will be open for a period of two months. 

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