Closed 13 Sep 2021

Opened 4 Jun 2021

Results updated 3 Feb 2022

ENTSO-E compiled all the comments and questions received during the public consultation period (from 4 June to 13 September 2021) regarding the ENTSO-E RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION IMPLEMENTATION REPORT 2021–2025.

The thematic working groups under the Research, Development and Innovation Committee took a thorough look at all the received feedback and reacted on each of them which can also be found within the document below to their respective comments or questions. All feedbacks were taken into account, and a part of them led to modifications in the text of the RDI Implementation Report 2021-2025.




ENTSO-E RDI Implementation Report 2021 – 2025 will be the guiding instrument for the collaborative research programme of transmission system operators (TSOs) in the coming five years. The report prioritizes the goals outlined in the ENTSO-E RDI Roadmap 2020 – 2030.

This report is one of the ENTSO-E’s mandated deliverables according to the EU regulation 714/2009 and 2019/943 hence it will be subject to ACER opinion. This public consultation aims to collect stakeholders feedback on ENTSO-E draft RDI Implementation Report 2021 – 2025.

The publication can be found via this link and below, under related links. 

Why your views matter

We are seeking input from all stakeholders on this collaborative research programme of TSOs in the coming five years. ENTSO-E welcomes your comments and motivated suggestions.

To drive the comments in an efficient manner, a survey is provided.

What happens next

All comments will be published when the web-based consultation has ended. ENTSO-E will review each comment and consider how and where improvements to the ENTSO-E RDI Implementation Report 2021 – 2025 may be made.


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