Public consultation for the design of TERRE (Trans European Replacement Reserves Exchange) and RR Harmonised Balancing Area

Closed 16 Aug 2017

Opened 30 Jun 2017

Results updated 15 Mar 2018

The TERRE TSOs would like to thank all the European stakeholders who have participated to the stakeholder meetings and answered to the consultation paper on the RR market harmonization. The provided input is very important for the success of the TERRE project and has been analysed by the TERRE TSOs with highest attention.

The documents presented in attachment display 1) assessment and responses of the TERRE TSOs to the main stakeholders' concerns, 2) all the responses provided by the stakeholders and 3) the executive summary of the approval package.



Project TERRE is one of the number of initiatives set up by ENTSO-E, with the aim of gaining experience from cross-border exchanges of balancing energy between TSOs in compliance with the future Electricity Balancing Guideline. TERRE is currently the leading project to exchange Replacement Reserves (RR), and entered the implementation phase beginning 2017.

Why your views matter

This consultation will provide the stakeholders the ability to express their comments on the different TERRE TSOs' proposals on LIBRA -as a central RR platform- and the RR market harmonization aspects. The main topics in scope of this consultation paper are the:

  • LIBRA platform specifications and process, and complementary explanation to the first consultation paper, end 2016;
  • TERRE TSOs’ position on the RR market and TSO-BRP and TSO-BSP interaction and harmonization;
  • common rules related to publication of national and cross-border RR balancing information;
  • TERRE governance structure, planning and local implementation objectives.

After due consideration and evaluation of all comments, project partners will formally seek support for the TERRE solution from the NRAs.

NB1: Formal NRA approval will be sought under the scope of the GL EB, with the submission of the Implementation Framework for RR, six months after its entry into force.

NB2: The stakeholders are invited to consider this consultation with high importance. On some topics, this phase is the final opportunity for stakeholders to share their opinions (e.g.: TERRE TSO-TSO model or TERRE TSO-BSP and TSO-BRP model topics).


  • Generators
  • RES generator
  • ENTSO-E stakeholders
  • EIC local issuing offices
  • Electricity balancing actors
  • TERRE pilot project scope Stakeholders
  • TSOs


  • Emergency and Restauration
  • Connection Network Codes
  • Capacity Balancing
  • General
  • Market Network Codes
  • General
  • Inter-TSO collaboration
  • Energy Community
  • Adequacy reports
  • Scenarios