Proposal for Amendment of Pricing Methodology

Closes 2 Aug 2021

Opened 2 Jun 2021


This consultation concerns adjusting the maximum price for all balancing energy product bids and the maximum value of the cross-border marginal price (CBMP) as well as the minimum price for all balancing energy product bids and the minimum value of the CBMP defined in Article 3(3) of the Methodology for pricing balancing energy and cross-zonal capacity used for the exchange of balancing energy or operating the imbalance netting process – Annex I of ACER decision No. 01/2020 of 24 January 2020. The proposal has been prepared by all TSOs.

Why we are consulting

All TSOs strongly support the European target model for integrated balancing energy markets, especially the implementation and go-live of the platforms for the exchange of balancing energy, and see significant advantages resulting from it. However, due to developments and observations on balancing energy markets across Europe following the Agency's decision of 24 January 2020, all TSOs consider it necessary to introduce the proposed amendment of the Pricing Methodology, namely an adjustment of the maximum and minimum prices for balancing energy.

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