Proposal for Amendment of mFRR, aFRR, IN Implementation Framework

Closed 19 Dec 2021

Opened 19 Oct 2021

Results expected 4 Feb 2022


This consultation concerns the Proposal for Amendment of mFRR, aFRR and IN Implementation Framework in accordance with Articles 20, 21 and 22 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing and in accordance with ACER decision 02-2020 of 24 January 2020 (aFRRIF), ACER decision 03-2020 of 28 January 2020 (mFRRIF), and ACER decision 13-2020 of 24 June 2020 (INIF). The proposal has been prepared by all TSOs.

Why your views matter

All TSOs strongly support the European target model for integrated balancing energy markets, especially the implementation and Go-live of the platforms for the exchange of balancing energy, and see significant advantages resulting from it. In accordance with ACER decisions on mFRRIF, aFRRIF and INIF, All TSOs shall develop a proposal for amendment of this mFRRIF, aFRRIF and INIF which shall designate the entity performing the capacity management function and clarify whether the mFRR-Platform, aFRR-Platform and IN-Platform will be operated by a single entity or multiple entities.

What happens next

The objective of the public consultation is to collect the stakeholders’ views on mFRR, aFRR and IN Implementation Framework amendments. After the public consultation, all TSOs will assess the comments received from the stakeholders, finalise the amendment proposal and submit it to ACER for approval in Q1 2022.


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders


  • Market Network Codes