All TSOs’ proposal for amendments of the methodology for Harmonised Allocation Rules for long-term transmission rights

Closed 16 Jan 2023

Opened 7 Dec 2022


This consultation is based on Article 6 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1719 (FCA Regulation) and concerns the review of Harmonised Allocation Rules for long-term transmission rights (HAR) in accordance with Article 68(5) of these rules.

The current amendment proposal contains general updates and several updates related to the introduction of LT FBA.
Some changes required for LT FBA were identified late in the amendment process, and so a few topics still need to find common TSO ground. The sources of changes have been:

* Needed changes to HAR with the introduction of LT FBA

* The introduction of 15 min MTU has caused minor, obvious changes.

* A proposal for remuneration in the event of decoupling has been added.

The introduction of LT FBA has required changes, where not all has been agreed upon yet. The outstanding topics are requirements for collaterals and how they will be set. The other still unsolved issue relates to how a rerunning of the auction in case of contestation or in case of fallback is done when going to LT FBA. These topics are included as open questions for market participants in the public consultation, which will allow changes before the final submission.

TSOs welcome stakeholder views on the application of a cap for decoupling events, and any eventual ideas stakeholders may have to further increase its effectiveness.

Therefore, ENTSO-E launches a public consultation on the proposal for amendment of the methodology.

Why your views matter

We are seeking input and feedback from relevant stakeholders, market participants, NRAs and NEMOs for the proposal for amendment of the methodology for Harmonised Allocation Rules.


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders


  • Market Network Codes