All TSOs proposal for amendment of "Determination of capacity calculation regions"

Closed 10 Dec 2021

Opened 10 Nov 2021


This consultation concerns the "Determination of capacity calculation regions" methodology as defined in accordance with Article 15(1) of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 of 24 July 2015 establishing a Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management.

Following the approval of the CACM Regulation by the Norwegian Parliament in June 2021, the CACM Regulation is made binding in the internal legal order in Norway with entry into force 1 August 2021. Consequently, this proposal for amendment allocates the Norwegian bidding zone borders to the relevant CCRs, namely CCR Nordic and CCR Hansa.

This Determination of CCRs proposal is based on the ACER's latest decision, namely ACER Decision 04/2021.

Why your views matter

We are seeking input and feedback from relevant stakeholders, market participants, NRAs and NEMOs on the all-TSO Proposal for the Definition of capacity calculation regions.

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