Cost Benefit Analysis of Multi-Region Loose Volume Coupling (MRLVC) arrangements to apply between the UK and the bidding zones directly connected to the UK

Closed 16 May 2021

Opened 26 Apr 2021


Under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA)  between the EU and the UK, the relevant EU and UK TSOs are jointly tasked with developing the Multi-Regional Loose Volume Coupling (MRLVC) solution to allocate capacity on the interconnectors to GB in the day-ahead market timeframe. The first major milestone set out in Annex 4 of the TCA is to prepare a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and outline proposals for the technical procedures of the MRLVC, and the GB and European TSOs have established a working group to progress this. This report sets out the main findings of the study.

Why your views matter

The EU TSOs will like to hear the EU Industry views on the report and proposed analyzed solutions, to collect them and deliver them to the EC, who will be able to consider them when advising the TSOs on the next steps foreseen to develop Technical procedures for the future trading arrangement.

The EU TSOs will present the main findings of the CBA on the MRLVC in a workshop taking place on 4th May 2-4:30 PM CET. If you are interested in participating, please register here:


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