Core Survey static grid model

Closed 19 Feb 2021

Opened 29 Jan 2021


Core CCR runs this survey about the static grid model. The aim is to gather the market parties’ feedback to have more clarity on the needs and aimed usage, allowing Core TSOs to make an adequate proposal.

Why your views matter

Core TSOs are obliged to publish a static grid model according to the Core CCM at Go Live (article 25), which is described as follows:

  • the obligation every six months, the publication of an up-to-date static grid model by each Core TSO
  • static grid model means a list of relevant grid elements of the transmission system, including their electrical parameters”   

Core CCM does not provide any details about what exactly (parameters and models) is to be published. The intention of Core TSOs is to provide something meaningful for Market Parties in light of capacity calculation as preparation of static grid model and maintaining/updating them requires significant effort. Feedback was already received from Market parties in the Core CCG (20201007) that improvements of what is provided in CWE are expected. To allow Core TSOs to make an adequate proposal more clarity is needed, and this is the reason behind triggering this survey.

To allow TSOs to make an adequate proposal, based on the input that will be provided the following is to be taken into account when completing the survey:

  • Core TSO and NRA understanding in relation to static grid model is that this is provided/updated every 6 months
  • Focus of the survey is what (scope) will be provided and how (format)
  • Conditions to the requirements from Market parties for static grid model to allow TSOs to make an adequate and reasonable proposal
    • They must be defined in the light of Core CCM and should serve the purpose of transparency considering Core Capacity Calculation
    • They must relate to data of individual Core TSOs e.g. a Continental European model would go beyond Cores scope

Provision of explanation to understand the needs, purpose and added value

What happens next

Based on the input that will be provided, Core TSOs will create a concrete proposal on what can exactly (parameters and models) be published and is seen as meaningful for Market Parties. The communication related to this will be done in the already established alignment in the Core Consultative Group.



  • ENTSO-E stakeholders


  • Market Network Codes