Core CCR – Regional Design of long-term transmission rights based on Article 31 FCA Regulation; here: Second amendment

Closed 7 Mar 2019

Opened 7 Feb 2019

Results expected 10 Apr 2019


This consultation is based on Article 4(12) of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1719 (FCA Regulation) and concerns the proposed by Core TSOs second amendment of the CCR Core TSOs’ regional design of long-term transmission rights in accordance with Article 31 FCA Regulation. This second amendment proposal covers changes of the type of long-term transmission rights at the bidding zone borders NL-DE/LU, BE-DE/LU, FR-DE/LU, AT-CZ and AT-HU to FTR Options. TSOs of the CCR Core are initiating this open online consultation for a period of not less than one month in accordance with Article 6(1) FCA Regulation.

Why your views matter

 We are seeking for input from stakeholders and market participants on this important feature of the future European electricity market based on Article 4(12) FCA Regulation.


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders


  • Market Network Codes