Amendments to the Manual of Procedures (MoP v3r4) of the Transparency Platform

Closed 17 Aug 2023

Opened 16 Jun 2023


This consultation concerns the Manual of Procedures (MoP) of the Transparency Platform. The new release (MoP v3r4) includes amendments to the existing documents (Detailed Data Descriptions (DDD) and Business Requirements) to better reflect the new requirements of the Transparency platform. These amendments not only will bring more clarity to the current data publications with additional explanations/revisions but also will generate new data publication requirements on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform from which the users will benefit.

The consultation is open on the new and amended parts only - mainly ​following TR (Transparency Regulation) Articles:

  • 11.1.a (Estimated and offered cross-zonal capacity)
  • 11.1.b (Flow-based parameters)​
  • 12.1.d (Day-ahead prices)
  • 12.1.e (Implicit allocations - net positions)
  • 12.1.f (Scheduled day-ahead commercial exchanges)

Please see tracked change versions to see full amendments in the DDD and BRS. Comments provided on the rest of the documents will not be assessed by ENTSO-E.

 The amendment includes mainly the following category of changes:

  • Added new explanations for existing publications.
  • Revised descriptions.
  • Introduced new publications.
  • Renaming of publications
  • Increasing the scope of existing publications.

Why your views matter

According to COMMISSION REGULATION (EU), No 543/2013 also referred to as the Transparency Regulation, ENTSO-E shall update the Manual of Procedures, when necessary, conduct an open and transparent consultation with stakeholders, and submit a draft to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) for its opinion. Later, ACER will issue a formal opinion on the MoP amendments. Therefore, we are following the defined procedure by the regulation and seeking input from stakeholders and market participants on the new release proposal of the Manual of Procedures.

What happens next

ENTSO-E will process the feedback received and prepare a final amended Manual of Procedures to be submitted to ACER for its opinion.


  • ENTSO-E stakeholders


  • Capacity Balancing
  • System Operations Code
  • General
  • Energy Community