All TSOs’ proposal for amendment of the Determination of capacity calculation regions methodology in accordance with Article 15(1) of the CACM

Closed 11 Nov 2023

Opened 11 Oct 2023


With its letter from 17 July 2023 ACER requests, pursuant to Article 9(13), read in conjunction with Article 9(6) of the CACM Regulation, that all TSOs develop an amendment of the Determination of CCRs to merge Core and Italy North capacity calculation regions for day-ahead capacity calculation. ACER considers it necessary, and in line with the objectives of the CACM Regulation, that CCR Core and CCR ITN are merged and apply a common capacity calculation using the flowbased approach. However, a full merger at this point would have negative impacts on ongoing projects within the existing CCRs, which are not yet implemented (e.g. long-term capacity calculation and ROSC). To this end, ACER considers that a partial merger, for the purpose of the implementation of a common day-ahead capacity calculation methodology, is currently preferable compared to a full merger. A step-wise approach implies a detailed analysis of potential interdependencies among different processes/methodologies developed/applied in CCRs Core and ITN respectively according to Regulations CACM, FCA,  EB, SO as well as any other applicable European legislation and the investigation of the most efficient solution in coordination with involved TSOs and NRAs.

The CCR Central Europe, comprising bidding zone borders in Core CCR and IN CCR, shall therefore be established for the purpose of implementing capacity calculation methodology in the day-ahead timeframe pursuant to Article 20 of the CACM Regulation.

Included in the proposal are the changes previously consulted on the inclusion of Celtic interconnector in Core. This consultation however only concerns the merger. 

Why your views matter

We are seeking input and feedback from relevant stakeholders, market participants, NRAs and NEMOs for the proposal for amendment of the CCR methodology.


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