PICASSO - aFRR Platform Design - First Consultation - Call for input

Closed 20 Dec 2017

Opened 21 Nov 2017

Results expected 20 Jan 2018

Feedback expected 5 Feb 2018


This consultation concerns a future platform for the exchange of aFRR balancing energy, as being developed in the context of the PICASSO project.

Why your views matter

We are seeking input from stakeholders and market participants, on the design of a market platform and the aFRR product that will be traded on it. The TSOs participating comprise so far AMPRION, TransnetBW, TenneT DE, TenneT NL, Elia, 50Hertz, RTE, APG, MAVIR, ESO, REE, HOPS, CEPS, Statnett, Fingrid, PSE, ELES, SvK and Energinet.

Please read the consultation report, and give us your views on it. Link to both report and online consultation form below.

In case you have questions in relation to the consultation itself please contact your connecting TSO on the following emailaddresses (if your TSO is not in the list, you will probably have been given a contact email to your TSO in another way):


50 Hertz, kontakt@regelleistung.net

Amprion, kontakt@regelleistung.net

APG, frontoffice.sdl@apg.at

ELES, info@eles.si

ELIA, usersgroup@elia.be

Energinet, info@energinet.dk

MAVIR, balancing@mavir.hu

REE, mercadosoperacion@ree.es

RTE, marketservices@rte-france.com

Statnett, systemtjeneste@statnett.no

Svenska Kraftnät, registrator@svk.se

TenneT Netherlands, esther.bos@tennet.eu

TenneT Germany, kontakt@regelleistung.net

TransnetBW, kontakt@regelleistung.net

To complete the questionaire, there is no requirement to answer all the questions. That is because the diversity of stakeholders doesn't warrent otherwise. Please do your utmost to answer as many questions as possible. We thank you in advance.



  • Anyone from any background


  • Emergency and Restauration
  • Connection Network Codes
  • Capacity Balancing
  • General
  • Market Network Codes
  • System Operations Code
  • General
  • Inter-TSO collaboration
  • Energy Community
  • Adequacy reports
  • Scenarios