Public Consultation on the ENTSO-E Research & Innovation Roadmap 2017-2026

Closed 24 May 2016

Opened 3 May 2016


The Roadmap 2017-2026 updates the ENTSO-E Research & Development Roadmap, by taking into account the new technological developments including in other sectors than transport of electricity (eg ICT, storage etc), the emerging of new actors (consumers, prosumers) as well as energy and research policy developments according  Energy Union .

This Roadmap is one of ENTSO-E’s deliverables according to the EU regulation 714/2009, and will be subject to an opinion from ACER, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators.

This public consultation is also part of the public consultation on the Integrated Roadmap developed for the EC under the Grid+Storage project. This integrated roadmap addresses both TSO and DSO functional objectives and will be launched during the second week of June 2016. The TSO functional objectives in the Grid+Storage integrated roadmap will be the same as the ones published by ENTSO-E, possibly amended after this public consultation.

What happens next

All comments will be published when the web-based consultation has ended. ENTSO-E will review each comment and consider how and where improvements to the ENTSO-E R&I Roadmap may be made.


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