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Closed 21 Jul 2023

Opened 29 Jun 2023


This Annual Report covers the period from January to December 2022. It focuses on the legal mandates given to ENTSO-E and on the Pan-European All TSOs tasks, which are facilitated by ENTSO-E.

While delivering legally mandated tasks, ENTSO-E also aims to support policy objectives, in particular the Green Deal, on a pan-European level. This ambition concerns all aspects of ENTSO-E’s work as the increase of variable renewable generation and the electrification of several sectors, among others, impact all the activities of Transmission System Operators (TSOs). Concretely, this ambition culminated in the publication of the “ENTSO-E Vision: A Power System for a Carbon Neutral Europe”.

The ENTSO-E Annual Report 2022 shows how European TSOs are committed to act as key enablers of the climate neutrality objective in line with the European Commission Green Deal’s initiative.

Why your views matter

The successful implementation of the activities covered in this report relies on the input provided by stakeholders. Your comments will be considered before the Annual Report 2022 is submitted to ACER for opinion.


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