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  • Update proposal for the Methodology for Identifying Regional Electricity Crisis Scenarios

    The “Methodology for Identifying Regional Electricity Crisis Scenarios” (the RP Methodology) was first approved by ACER in 2020 pursuant to Article 5 of Regulation (EU) 2019/941 of the European Parliament and of the Council on risk-preparedness in the electricity sector (RPR, link ). The methodology lays down a framework on how TSOs identify electricity crisis scenario candidates and how these should be assessed into regional electricity crisis scenarios. Article 5 of the RPR... More
    Closes 5 December 2023
  • All TSOs Proposal for Amendments – aFRR IF (Art. 21 of EB Regulation) and Pricing Methodology (Art. 30(1) of EB Regulation)

    This consultation concerns the proposed by All TSOs amendments regarding two documents: 1) Implementation framework for the European platform for the exchange of balancing energy from frequency restoration reserves with automatic activation in accordance with Article 21 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing; and 2) Methodology for pricing balancing energy and cross-zonal capacity used for the... More
    Closes 12 December 2023
  • All TSOs’ proposal for amendment of the methodology for calculating scheduled exchanges in accordance with Article 41 of the CACM

    The methodology for Day-Ahead Scheduled Exchanges Calculation (DA SEC) is developed pursuant to art. 43 of Commision Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 of 24 July 2015 . The methodology for DA SEC describes the optimization problem integrated in price coupling algorithm (Euphemia), and DA SEC determines commercial flows on bidding zone borders constrained by the net positions determined in the previous market coupling step in Euphemia. As an integral part of the Euphemia algorithm, DA... More
    Closes 8 January 2024
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